This week’s playlist was curated by Nicholas Dowdall (Booka). Here is what he has to say about the playlist and Ode:

“Ode is a collaborative that draws inspiration from global bass earthquakes taking place every day.
We pay tribute to the growling underbelly of the Berlin tech scene, amongst other delights…
We revel in frequencies underground, underwater and in the heavens. And always bow down to the bass!
We host parties, podcasts and pantomimes.

This playlist, selected by booka, illuminates a lesser recognised brand of techno. It is slower, more sensual, filled with snippets of haunting vocals, and addictive riffs from instruments that you didn’t know existed. Call it what you will: Ethno-techno, Playa Tech, Multicultural Electronica, Slow Tech.

It hits you in a carnal place.
Open yourself up to it.
Allow it to slowly consume you.”

If you want to listen to more of this: Here are links to the soundcloud page Booka and Ode.

See you next week 🙂